The Benefits of Rotary Frequency Converters

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Blog

The primary function of a frequency converter is to allow industries to channel and adjust electrical frequencies into other voltage levels, allowing them to work safely with devices and technologies from different regions. The two most common models are rotary converters and solid-state converters.

Different industries benefit from one model over the other. There are some distinct benefits of rotary frequency converters that make them ideal for larger-scale operations.

Easier To Repair

Compared to solid-state converters, rotary frequency converters are much easier to repair or make necessary modifications. Rotary converters are larger and contain more moving parts that are easier for maintenance to access. The additional parts may require more general upkeep, but troubleshooting makes the process much more straightforward.

Better With Heavy Loads

A notable benefit of rotary frequency converters is that their efficiency varies depending on the size of the load, with rotary models working better with larger projects. Rotary converters are the more popular choice in aviation, irrigation, energy, and industrial areas. If your industry frequently has jobs over 10 KVA, then a rotary frequency converter is a better option.

While rotary models are larger and less portable than a solid-state converter, they work well in specific industries like aviation that get the most out of them.

Runs Well With Three-Phase Power

Many places choose between single-phase or three-phase power sources depending on their work environment. Three-phase power is a good option for rotary frequency converters because they can provide three times as much power from a singular electric source. The larger and more powerful converter runs smoothly with the extra power to create electrical isolation. It can continue running in the event one of the three phases temporarily blacks out or disconnects.

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