Difference Between Frequency Converters and Inverters

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Blog

Depending on what field you work in, you may need to use a lot of different pieces of equipment. Understanding how these devices work and their functions make them easier to work with and helps you maintain control. If you know the differences between frequency converters and inverters, you can use both devices in a professional environment.

What Is a Frequency Converter?

Frequency converters are devices that convert electrical frequencies from one region and convert them into another. Converters are able to do this by turning AC power into DC power and then transforming that DC power into AC power from a different frequency. These devices are beneficial when you work with equipment from other countries that may often use different electrical frequencies.

What Is a Frequency Inverter?

A frequency inverter, sometimes known as a variable frequency drive (VFD), typically alters and adjusts an electrical frequency’s speed and power to maintain load conditions and keep systems from shorting out. Any input voltage that goes into the frequency converter is the maximum that can go out, making them reliable money- and energy-saving devices that prevent significant problems with the electrical loads.

The Main Differences

When looking at the difference between frequency converters and inverters, they may seem very similar because both devices work to change the frequency and output voltage. One good way to look at it is that a frequency converter focuses more on the power output, such as making devices work at a consistent 50Hz or 60Hz. Frequency inverters focus more on the current output by generally making sure that devices maintain a steady but modified sine wave that keeps the current flowing evenly rather than focusing on making larger adjustments.

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