Understanding How Solid-State Frequency Converters Work

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Blog

Frequency converters are helpful tools in many different industries. These devices allow technology with different electrical frequencies to operate safely in a single region and work with other devices without shorting out. Typically, most industries use either a rotary or solid-state converter. Understanding how solid-state frequency converters work is valuable for determining what industries they excel in.

Basics of Solid-State Converters

Solid-state converters, sometimes known as static converters, convert standard AC power from one region to DC power. After the transformation to DC, the converter adjusts and redistributes that power to AC with a more compatible frequency. Solid-state converters are generally smaller and more lightweight compared to rotary models, making them quieter. These devices work on single or three-phase power supplies with pure and stable sine waves.

Limitations of Solid-State Converters

When understanding how solid-state frequency converters work, it’s important to know their limitations. Because they’re smaller and typically more lightweight, they don’t have the same amount of power as a rotary converter. Solid-state converters work best with KVA loads between one and five. Solid-state converters are less effective in hot or humid environments because they operate better with electronics than moving pieces.

Practical Applications of Solid-State Converters

Solid-state frequency converters work better in temperature-controlled environments and with electronic devices over heavy equipment. These factors make solid-state or static converters ideal for laboratories, research facilities, and universities. The lack of loud noise emanating from them and their lightweight nature makes them easy to transport to different workstations and positions. Rotary converters work better for larger industrial areas.

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