The aviation industry, the military, and other major industries use frequency converters to switch frequencies reliably. With these handy and user-friendly devices, alternating between 50hz, 60hz, and 400hz is easy.

Using frequency converters has obvious short-term benefits, but it also offers numerous long-term advantages. If you want to know how frequency converters can help your facility grow and thrive, learn five long-term benefits of using frequency converters.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

By using a frequency converter, you can run your machines at a slower, more effective speed and reduce strain on their components. Less wear and tear means you’ll have to do less maintenance in the long run.

Boost Machine Life Span

Similarly, using a frequency converter can extend the life of your machines. By running the machine at a slower speed, frequency converters reduce strain on pumps, motors, and other components, lengthening their life spans.

Improve Efficiency

Frequency converters let you match the speed of the motors to the precise amount of power needed for a process. Running your machines at this power level will prevent the motor and other components from overworking, which can reduce wear and improve the efficiency of your machines over time.

Use Equipment From Overseas

Without a frequency converter, you can only run domestic machines reliably. With a frequency converter, however, you can utilize machines from all around the globe.

Not all countries have the same utility frequency standard, which means overseas equipment won’t always operate at the same frequency your country uses as standard. Fortunately, you can use a frequency converter to change the frequency of any machine. Running your machines at the correct frequency will keep problems to a minimum.

Reduce Operating Costs

Another long-term benefit of using frequency converters is that they can reduce operating costs. Running your machines at the most efficient speed possible means they’ll use less energy. This will drastically cut operating costs and save your business money.

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