Benefits of Frequency Converters vs. Generators

by | May 16, 2023 | Blog

Generators and converters are invaluable for keeping things running in power supply industries. Converters maintain, stabilize, and maintain electrical frequencies, which is essential in many fields. Here are a few benefits of frequency converters versus generators and why we prefer the former whenever possible.

Operational Efficiency

Many industries use generators and converters to perform quick tests on electrical loads, and these experiments often require short bursts of turning the equipment off and on. Many frequency converters are easy to boot up and shut down and don’t require as much prep as a generator.

Generators have a much longer cooldown time than converters, and if you suspend your load test, you can’t quickly shut the generator down without losing a lot of time and energy.

Noise Concerns

Most generators make a lot of noise. One of the main benefits of frequency converters over generators is that even the loudest rotary frequency converter is quieter than a generator. Solid-state or static converters make little noise beyond a hum or buzz, making them ideal for work environments where loud sounds may disrupt operations.

Maintenance Features

General maintenance is much more straightforward on a solid-state converter than an industrial generator. Generators require fuel and have many moving parts, creating a greater opportunity for breakdowns.

Static converters are more mechanical and much more straightforward to troubleshoot. Professionals can test the wire connections to check for problems. A generator requires someone to inspect the individual parts when something needs fixing.

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