What Is the Difference Between Rectifiers and Converters?

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Blog

What Is the Difference Between Rectifiers and Converters?

When working in an industry that utilizes electrical engineering and currents, it’s important to understand your equipment and its capabilities. While some equipment may seem to have similar functions, it may actually be drastically different and serve a unique purpose. Today, Visicomm is looking at the difference between rectifiers and converters to help you determine which one you need for a given task.

What Are Rectifiers?

Rectifiers convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current), which is beneficial for storing electricity in batteries or other similar devices. People commonly use them in power supplies for household appliances, office equipment, and many other contexts where the conversion from AC to DC is necessary. Homes or businesses with solar panel systems often require a rectifier to utilize that power.

Rectifiers serve as building blocks for electrical power systems, as they can work with almost any device. They come in several forms, such as half-wave rectifiers, full-wave rectifiers, and bridge rectifiers, each varying in efficiency and usage.

What Are Converters?

We use converters to change the operation frequency or modify the waveform of voltage or current. For example, we use a frequency (inverter) converter to control the speed of an electrical motor or a HVDC (high-voltage DC) converter for transmission between asynchronous grids.

Converters are much more diverse in operation than rectifiers; they are capable of stepping up or stepping down voltage and are common for keeping power quality in check. We could argue that all rectifiers are converters, as they convert power, but not all converters act as rectifiers. This distinction outlines the functions of converters beyond rectification.

Understanding the Differences

If you’re still wondering about the difference between rectifiers and converters, a significant factor separates them. While rectifiers specialize in the conversion of AC to DC, converters have a broader range of operations, including the modification of waveform or frequency and stepping up or down of voltage. Rectifiers are a type of converter that deals with AC to DC conversion only. This clarity in distinction is critical for electrical engineers, manufacturers, and anyone dealing with power systems to ensure precision and efficacy in their work.

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