Tips for Reducing Noise in Your Converter

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Blog

Electrical noise is typically caused by a change in a device’s voltage or current that results in fluctuations. Whether the noise causes the voltage to rise or fall, these changes are often minimal and pose little threat. However, larger amounts of electrical noise may result in more significant, permanent damage. It’s vital to try and control noise as much as possible when working with different frequencies. We recommend following these tips for reducing electrical noise in your frequency converter.

Grounding All Devices

Even without reducing electrical noise, proper grounding is a good idea when working with powerful equipment. A good ground lowers noise and protects your frequency converter from power surges and other potential risks that may cause significant damage to your systems.

Your ground should pull a lot of noise away from the converter, and by using drain wires instead of signal wires, you allow the noise to travel from the ground to the drain wires, lowering noise and risk.

Shielding Necessary Cables

One tip for reducing noise in your frequency converter is to open the system and apply cable shielding to exposed components. Cables and wires that do not have a conductive layer protecting them are among the primary causes of electrical noise. We recommend hiring a professional to examine your converter and apply proper shielding to protect your system and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Cable Routing

Aside from shielding, it’s crucial to route your cables appropriately to aid in reducing electrical noise. It’s vital to keep magnetic fields separate from your signal cable. Taking the time to route your converter’s signal cable to keep it separated from the power source and electrical cable protects your device from magnetic interferences that can significantly increase the odds of noise.

Electrical noise is a common effect when working with industrial frequency converters. Following the proper steps and talking with the educated specialists from Visicomm Industries will help you find the information you or your business needs to excel.