If you’re interested in a variable motor drive, or VFD, then you may have some misconceptions floating around in your head. Let’s dive a little deeper and debunk common myths about VFDs.

Myth: VFDs Equal High Costs

A common misconception about VFDs is that they’re expensive. But the beauty of VFDs are that they’ll save you on costs in the long run. With proper speed control, the likelihood of machinery breaking or failing is minimal. The right speed at the right time will also save energy in the long run by utilizing energy only when it’s most needed.

Myth: Only Niche Motors Use VFDs

Let’s put the myth that only specific motors can use VFDs to rest. The reality is that any three-phase induction motor can benefit from an VFD. However, like any motor, you might want to look at a few variables before investing. One of the most important variables is insulation. Proper insulation will ensure the motor cools properly. If it doesn’t, it may have issues running at low speeds. For example, a 50Hz to 60Hz power converter will require proper motor insulation to ensure there’s no motor failure. So although VFDs don’t require a specific three-phase induction motor, it’s still good to double-check the inner workings of the motor itself before installation.

Myth: VFDs Offer Limitless Motor Speeds

A third myth is that VFDs run on any kind of motor speed. VFDs are powerhouses when it comes to slowing down and speeding up motors. So it would make sense that VFDs would be able to run on any speed, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. For example, a motor running too slowly creates less cooling air, and an overheated motor isn’t ideal. So although you might think that you can run your motor at any speed with a VFD, it’s simply may not be safe.

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