How To Know Which Frequency Converter You Should Use

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Blog

If you operate a business that utilizes technology from different countries, you may find yourself needing a frequency converter. These devices adjust electrical frequencies to a different level to help prevent electrical issues and damage.

Since America uses 60Hz while much of Europe uses 50Hz, it’s normal to need to make these conversions. If you’re wondering how to know which frequency converter you should use, here are some helpful notes about the different options and how they may work for you.

Solid-State Converters

Solid-state converters are primarily electrical converters and operate best when using smaller pieces of equipment. These converters are good for single-phase power devices and are a good choice for power tools, ventilation systems, or conveyer belts that don’t require as much power.

Solid-state converters are smaller, more lightweight, and require less general maintenance beyond cleaning and keeping exhausts clear.

Rotary Converters

Rotary converters operate on a much larger scale and have more mechanical and moving parts than solid-state options. They require more space, are typically floor-mounted, make more noise, and require larger degrees of general maintenance. However, because rotary converters are better suited for heavier equipment, they do much better on three-phase power and come with a lower cost relative to the increase in power.

Which Option Is Best?

When trying to figure out which frequency converter you should use, it’s best to look at what type of industry you’re in and the equipment you use. If any element in your industry requires three-phase power, we recommend a rotary converter. Solid-state converters operate between 1 and 300 KVA, so you may have some overlap with your industry gear that may work with either option.

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