Frequency converters are essential pieces of equipment in many workplace environments. You can use them to safely operate electronics or other machines that function using a specific electrical frequency. However, certain workstations may require a lack of noise to operate efficiently. If you’re wondering how much noise frequency converters make, Visicomm is here to answer your questions!

Solid-State Converters

Manufacturers know that many solid-state or static converters are ideal in work environments where silence may be a necessity. Because static converters operate electronically and feature fewer moving parts, they’re typically much quieter. Many solid-state converters are less than or equal to 65 decibels at close range, meaning, at most, they’re as loud as a normal conversation. The quieter models are ideal for laboratories and office environments.

Rotary Converters

Unlike solid-state converters, rotary models have far more moving parts and have more industrial applications. Because you can utilize these models in factories or shipping areas, they may be noticeably louder than the more electronic frequency converters. Rotary converters may have a three-foot radius of around 83 decibels, so it may be a good idea to limit prolonged exposure when working in close proximity to the converter. While 83 dB isn’t a dangerous level, as a motorcycle engine is around 95, it may not be an ideal option for workspaces where loud noises can cause disruptions.

Take Precautions

Now that you know how much noise frequency converters make depending on the model, you can take special precautions. The size of the converter may lead to your converter making more or less noise than the levels given here. Simple precautions you can take when operating around a frequency converter include wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Regular exposure to sounds above 70 decibels may start to damage your hearing, so staying safe and smart is essential!

For more information about industrial frequency converters, turn to Visicomm Industries, the leading brand of solid-state and rotary converters. We’re happy to explain the process and help you find the right model for your workspace. If you have any additional questions, please contact us anytime, and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.