Many industries use technology from different regions. Whether you’re product testing devices at 50Hz for European audiences or need to use a Japanese device in the States on the 60Hz frequency, it helps to have a converter. If you’re wondering how to choose a frequency converter, you can consider a few factors to make it a little easier.

Think About Your Industry

One way to narrow down what type of frequency converter you may need is to consider your field of expertise. Many research labs benefit from static or solid-state converters because they’re more lightweight and use electronics, reducing the amount of noise they make. On the other hand, more industrial workplaces like manufacturing plants or airports need a rotary converter that can handle more powerful equipment. Figuring out which type of frequency converter works for the equipment that you use can make narrowing down a model type much more straightforward.

Look at Horsepower Capacity

When trying to figure out how to choose a frequency converter, many people will try to look at the maximum horsepower (HP). It’s a good idea to pick your converter based on the rated current of the motor of the equipment you need to use. You can increase the rated current value by increasing the number of motor poles to reduce the efficiency and power factor if the converter and mower have the same horsepower via their capacity size.

Consider Supply Voltage

No matter what type of converter you use, you need to ensure that the correct voltage is available. You can utilize different motor connections to run a 280VAC single-phase motor at a three-phase 380VAC. Knowing if your converter can operate on the same voltage level as the machinery you’re working with helps safely handle the different voltages and power phases that exist in other regions.

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