Their names are strikingly similar, and at first glance, they seem to serve kindred purposes. But despite their similarities, frequency converters and VFDs aren’t one and the same. If you’re wondering what the differences between frequency converters and VFDs are, Visicomm Industries is here to help. Read below for a brief and informative explanation of what sets these devices apart.

What Is a Frequency Converter?

Frequency converters, also known as frequency changers, are electronic or electromechanical devices that convert alternating currents (ACs) from one frequency to another. Because different countries have varying utility frequency standards, these devices are necessary for converting the frequency of products prior to international export.

What Is a VFD?

Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) are a type of solid-state frequency converter used to adjust the speed and torque of AC motors, which they accomplish by changing the input frequency and voltage of said motor.

Typically, VFDs are used to improve a machine’s performance. When run at variable speeds, applications start up smoother and handle strain more efficiently. Their acceleration, flow, pressure, speed, temperature, tension, and more all improve while energy expenditure drops substantially. This reduces their operation costs, reduces wear and tear, and improves their longevity.

How Do I Choose?

Now that you know what the differences between frequency converters and VFDs are, you’re likely wondering how to choose the correct device for your needs.

VFDs can be used to alter frequencies, but they aren’t as reliable as traditional frequency converters. VFDs don’t work well with non-linear loads—they create a high amount of vibrations and electromagnetic noise as well as drastic temperature changes that could damage products. Frequency converters are far less risky and much more reliable when it comes to adjusting frequency.

If you need to convert the frequency of a product prior to export, frequency converters are the way to go. If you want to improve the performance of your products and cut down on your business expenses, give a VFD a try.

Visicomm Industries is a world leader in frequency converter manufacturing. If you need an industrial frequency converter for your military or industrial facility, reach out. One of our experts will guide you through your options and help you choose the ideal unit for your application.