When it comes to frequency converters, you have two options: rotary and solid-state. If you’re unsure of which kind to choose, let the experts at Visicomm Industries help. Choosing between solid-state and rotary frequency converters doesn’t have to be daunting. We’ve put together a comparison of the two to help you select the best fit for your application. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of solid-state and rotary converters.


Solid-state converters are ideal for smaller applications between 1 and 5 kVA, but they can be costly if you’re running larger applications. They’re also easy to install and require minimal maintenance, but they can be difficult and expensive to repair if any issues arise. Additionally, they’re quiet and lightweight. They create minimal harmonic distortion and few environmental objections. They’re good at handling resistive loads and lower output frequencies.


For larger applications of 10 kVA or more, rotary units are the least expensive and most efficient of the two options. Rotary frequency converters are slightly harder to install than solid-state converters, but not by much. They also require more preventative maintenance than solid-state. However, rotary units are easy and inexpensive to repair. Repair shops are easy to find, and with proper care, most rotary units last decades. Like solid-state units, they create minimal harmonic distortion and environmental objections. They’re great with heavy loads and are much more flexible in the kinds of loads they can handle in general. Unlike solid-state units, rotary units can manage complicated SCR loads and welders with ease.

How To Choose

So, how do you choose between solid-state and rotary frequency converters? Ultimately, it comes down to your intended use and needs. Solid-state units are better for smaller applications, resistive loads, high-output frequencies, and situations that require minimal distortion or disruption, while rotary units are better for larger applications and complex loads.

If you need solid-state or rotary frequency converters, you can rely on Visicomm Industries. Our units meet all safety standards and are made with quality and performance in mind. If you need help choosing, our experts can help you select the ideal unit for your application. Contact us today to request a quote, learn more about our frequency converter units, or get assistance choosing a design and size for your unit.