If you run a business that manufactures electronic devices, you have many things to consider. One of the biggest things is ensuring your products are safe and reliable for people in other countries. Because the United States uses a 60Hz system while other countries use 50Hz, it’s important to make sure everything works properly. Here’s a brief guide to testing products on 50Hz and 60Hz and getting everything in order before shipping products overseas.

What Products Need Testing?

All electrical products need testing for frequency compatibility before sending them overseas. Motors, appliances, consumer electronics, scientific equipment, and other essential electronics all require testing. Testing for motors and engines is especially vital since they’re important aspects within other devices.

Why Is Testing Important?

Testing electronic devices is essential for a number of reasons, most notably safety concerns. If a device operates at 60Hz but goes to a region where it’s trying to operate at 50Hz, the difference in function speed can result in grinding, breakdowns, and other performance issues.

Failure to test these products results in a faulty product, which is arguably the best-case scenario. In some situations, the outcome can be far more drastic. For example, scientific equipment or large-scale power generators failing to operate at the expected electrical frequency could shut down, potentially resulting in lives lost in an emergency. Ensuring products work at different frequencies before shipping them overseas is beneficial for the company and client and worth the additional steps in the process.

How Do Companies Test Frequencies?

Companies can use various methods to test devices at different electronic frequencies. One of these options is to use a generator that operates at a higher or lower frequency so you can run the motor at the intended speed. Another option is to use a frequency converter, which adjusts devices or other machinery to the ideal speed. Frequency converters typically come in rotary or solid-state models, which are better for testing large equipment or more detailed electronics, respectively.

Visicomm Industries is here to help you learn more about frequency converters changing 60Hz to 50Hz. Our family-owned business specializes in testing products on 50Hz and 60Hz. We focus on maintaining and converting different electrical powers safely and efficiently. For more details, contact us anytime, and we’ll be happy to assist you.