60 to 50 Hz · 50 to 60 Hz · 60 to 60 Hz Isolation · 50/60 to 400 Hz
12KVA 50 Cycle to 60 Cycle Converter
Solid State Frequency Converter Specifications 400Hz
Model 12KSS60400/50400
Capacity 12KVA/8.4KW
Voltage 220V -15%/+20% *see note
220V – 60A @ Full Load (90A @ Current limit)
120V – 110A @ Full Load (150A @ Current limit)
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz ±5%
Voltage 120V (Locked)
Frequency 400Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sinewave
Voltage Regulation ±1%
Frequency Stability ±0.016Hz (Xtal oscillator)
Transient Response ±3% (100% load variation.)
No load to full load with full recovery within 5 cycles
Waveform Sinewave THD <3% at 0-100% linear load
Output Current @.7PF 220V – 54.5A
115V – 100A
AC to AC >85%
Power Factor 0.8
Crest Ratio 3:1
Overload 150% 30Sec cutoff (Current Limited)
Overload Capacity 110% continuous,110-150% load 30 seconds, over
150% causes unit to shut down. Auto restart upon removal of
the overload.
Short Circuit Unit will cut off and must be manually restarted
EMI Filter 10-100KHz at 40dB, 100KHz-100MHz at 70dB
Audible Alarm
Overload Sounds continuously
Fault Sounds continuously
LCD Converter status, O/P voltage, O/P frequency,
O/P Power

Line: Green LED Inverter: Green LED
Fault: Red LED Overload: Yellow LED

OperationTemp. 0-40° C; 32-104° F
Relative Humidity 20-90% non-condensing
Audible Noise Less than 72dB (at 1 meter)
Input Terminal Block
Output Terminal Block (Worldwide outlets available)
Net Weight 366lbs/166.4kg
Width 18.9in/48cm
Depth 13.6in/34.5cm
Height 34in/86.4cm
Note: Input voltages of 208V single phase
(phase-to-phase on a 3-phase 120/208V line)- with 2 hot lines
and 240V single phase (from a 120/20V split-phase source) –
2 hot lines are both acceptable with one hot on the input N
ternimal, and another hot on the L2 input terminal.
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