Option Model Designations

The following suffix codes are used:

NX-* Standard Unit
NX-*A All or some points involve analog signals
NX-*B Battery Backup
NX-*C Common Alarm
NX-*D Dial Out
NX-*E Data Logger with RS232 conn. w/o modem
NX-*F First Out Sequence
NX-*G NEMA4 Weather Resistant
NX-*H Horizontal Case
NX-*J High Voltage Input Isolation
NX-*K Stainless Steel Case (or panel face)
NX-*M Timed Re-alarm Sequence
NX-*N Time Delay Sequence
NX-*P Panel Mount
NX-*R Relays
NX-*S Status Only Sequence
NX-*U Un-powered Inputs (for accepting PLC in)
NX-*V Variable Horn Volume

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