Visicomm Industries manufactures, sells and rents a broad range of rotary and solid state design frequency converters a ranging in size from 1kVa to 5000kVa

Solid State Design Frequency Converters

Our line of solid state converters is best suited for bench top and lab type environments when testing electronic devices and small motors is the goal. These systems are ideally suited for indoor lab type applications. We offer sizes from 1-50kVA in single phase and 10-500kVA in 3 phase configuration. All models are able to provide frequency conversion as well as power conditioning. The 1-50kVA can also be configured 1ph input and 3ph output or vice versa.

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Rotary Design Frequency Converters

Our line of rotary frequency converters covers a range from 6.25kVA to 2MW. This type of converter lends itself well to industrial, manufacturing, motor starting and outdoor application.

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