Single Phase Converters 50/60 Hz
18 models 1KVA to 20KVA
50 or 60hz input,
50hz or 60hz output
Single Phase Converters 400hz
18 models 1KVA to 20KVA
50hz or 60hz input and
400hz output
Three Phase Converters
50 or 60 Hz
57 models 10 to 320KVA
Three Phase Frequency Converters
57 models 10 to 320KVA
Solid State Design Considerations Manuals and Connection Diagrams Accessories
Outdoor Enclosures, Carts,
Distribution Panels etc.
Notes and Photos
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1 or 3 Phase
50 or 60hz output
6KVA to 2000KVA
400Hz Output Converters
1 or 3 phase
10KVA to 250 KVA
Rotary Frequency Converters Accessories
Enclosures (Indoor quietized and Outdoor) Digital Meters, RS232 and Data Logging, etc.
Rotary Design Considerations Starting Surge of motors in the load, Large SCR loads, power factor and resistive loads, Operating Noise Level.
Rotary Application Notes and Photos Operating Noise and solutions to this problem
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60hz to 50hz Frequency Converter - For:
  • 1. Testing products to be exported.
  • 2.Operating imported plant equipment designed for 50hz
50hz to 60hz Frequency Converter - For:
  • 1.Use overseas to test products destined for use in the US or other 60Hz countries;
  • 2. To operate 60hz machinery from a 50hz utility.
50/60hz to 400hz Frequency Converter - For:
  • use in aerospace applications.
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Alarm Panels

The NX line of annunciators can be used in a variety of applications. The standard system offers the ability to monitor electrically dry NO/NC type contacts. Options include battery back up, auxiliary relays for handling powered contacts for remote horns or lights, dial out, time delay alarm, data logging, and remote display to name a few.

NX series annunciators available in wall mount (Right) or panel mount as shown above.

NX system shown with dial out feature for alerting off site personnel of incoming alarm.

Sitemaster Central Model SMC8A16Dg10R with Remote Sitecommander Software.

NX System shown with optional battery back up.

Typical horizontal construction.

NX System shown with field programmable display.


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