SiteMaster Standalone Analog / Digital Annunciator / Monitor

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The Model SM16A16Dg8RDoB is a stand alone vertical unit with:

16 Analog inputs, available in groups of 8, each of which can monitor a different
parameter and be displayed on the LCD in specific engineering units (PSI,
Deg.F, GPM etc.). Each input channel has four set points (low-low, low,
high, high-high) allowing pre-alarms and shutdown alarms using one of
the relays if need be.

8 digital (no/nc unpowered alarm contacts) with the capacity for 8 spares. Available in sets of 8 or 16 , of which only 8 can be displayed in this cabinet due to the limitations of front panel space (some of which is devoted to the telephone dial-out feature). If the spares are needed in the future, a matching case can be added alongside.

8 Programmable Relays, single pole, single throw (DP/DT may be specified)
each assignable to any alarm point or group of alarms. Up to 4 of the relays will
be used to activate the telephone dial-out. If telephone dial-out is desired when
any point goes into alarm with no differentiation of alarms (single voice
message), the common alarm relay can be used.

Voice Telephone Dial Out with 4 separate messages to a list of 5 numbers

Built in RS232/485 port (usable with laptop or PC) with time dated memory for
up to 285 events (stored FIFO) with an event consisting of alarm, acknowledge and return to normal, providing a written historic printout of the time and length of out of normal conditions which can be useful in cases of water treatment failure or power outages.

Dual Rechargeable Battery Backup normally good for 90 minutes depending on accessories.

This system can utilize most of our many options including first out diagnostics etc.

The Sitemaster provides a reliable alarm and backup control system for a wide variety of applications.


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