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Three Phase Solid State Frequency Converters
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Connection Information and Diagrams


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The output frequency can be switch selected for either 50 or 60Hz (units with a 400Hz output are preset single frequency, single voltage and not switchable). For example, with the output switch in the 50Hz position and the LCD switch in the 220VAC position, there will be a dialable output of between 180 and 260VAC. between terminals N and output L2 and the front of unit mounted LCD will read the actual voltage (so if you wish to test single phase products for export to Great Britain, you would turn the pot up until it reads 240VAC on the LCD). For continental Europe, set at 220VAC. For eastern Japan, you would have the frequency switch in the 50Hz position and the LCD switch in the 120VAC position (dialed down to read 100VAC on the LCD) with the load on terminals N and output L1. This output arrangement gives you the ability to easily replicate any single phase voltage and frequency combination that is provided by any utility in the world including the rare ones (250VAC, 50Hz for 3 cities in Australia or 220VAC, 60Hz line to neutral in parts of Korea etc.). The output is electrically isolated from the input and the output neutral is ungrounded i.e. it is floating with respect to the input. However, the output neutral can also be connected to the system or input neutral when required. The output is always line to neutral to replicate exactly the situation overseas.

All output frequencies (50, 60 and 400) are crystal oscillator controlled for exact frequency. Please note that 400Hz units are not switchable (they are not capable of providing any other frequency) and are provided for the 90 to 130VAC range only.


In short, if you have any electric power available, single, 3 phase or split phase (using a hot to neutral or hot to hot, line to line, single phase) you will have no problem using our unit. Input frequency is not in any way relevant to the output or the operation of the unit (which provides an interesting option for those who export our unit along with their 60Hz equipment).

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Showing LCD, note that unit must be turned off when using the LCD switch on rear to change LCD readout
Rear View Showing location of switches.
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