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Digital Meter Package


If specified, this 3 3/4" digital panel meter replaces our standard 3 separate meter and phase selector switch package. The standard package allows the user to choose a phase(A,B,C)and see the voltage for that phase on one meter, the amperage for that phase on another meter and the frequency on the third meter. Changing the phase selector switch will give the information on phase B etc.

In contrast, the digital meter allows the user to simultaneously see the amperage on each phase, the next screen showing the voltage on each phase etc (vs. the voltage only for each phase in selector switch A position, the amperage for each phase in B position etc). Another advantage of this option is the RS485 computer connection and software that is included-which permits remote computer monitoring and, in conjunction with our Export Testing Software option, can be used by Quality Control to produce a real time dated printed test result record.

The Digital Meter Package also includes an hour meter, a KW meter, KVA meter and a temperature reader(this last requires a special sender if activated).

Screen showing amperage per phase.

Screen showing KVA, Frequncy, and KW.

Screen showing voltage per phase.

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