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Industry: Multi-Plant Consumer Mfg.
Problem: Moving a plant to China and unable to convert all machines to 50 Hz operation

Solution: Model 62.5IND5060QV

The above 62.5 KVA unit takes in 3 phase, 380 VAC, 50 Hz (or 415 VAC) and produces 3 phase, 120/208 VAC, 60 Hz (or 480 VAC). The 62.5 KVA rated output is capable of carrying the entire plant load. Two were ordered for initial redundancy and future expansion. The unit is equipped with a standard output circuit breaker panel and numerous breakers for specific machines, which are shown mounted on the outside of the enclosure.

The enclosure is an acoustic foam (two layers separated by a dense damper and foil faced - flame retardant) lined heavy gauge enameled steel self ventilated indoor enclosure. The panels have knurled knobs for easy lift off and removal. The unit utilizes our vertical stacked construction to minimize floor space (note the forklift slots in the base).

The motor and generator are brushless and equipped with permanently sealed bearings. The only recommended spare parts are a solid state voltage regulator module (low coast) and a set of diodes, both of which are easily replaced, should the need ever arise. Over a typical 25 to 30-year operating life, we would anticipate changing the voltage regulator once to twice, the belts about ever 7 or 8 years and the bearings after 10 or 12 years of hard use. Belts and bearing are worldwide standard machinery parts in stock in any fair sized city worldwide. Replacement time is measured in hours. Compare this to a solid state design with it’s multitude of parts that go obsolete and impossible to find within a few years, and you can see why the rotary design should be used where reliability is crucial. Solid state designs involve several PC board modules and the repair approach is to switch out modules, which sounds simple. The reality is that damage usually involves more than one module (especially damage due to utility transients, to where solid state is much more vulnerable than rotary), and it takes a very skilled technician familiar with the circuitry and a full set of all components to repair. Which design would you rather be responsible for in China?

This size quietizing enclosure is used for units from 50 KVA to 100 KVA. The next size enclosure is used for 125 KVA to 313 KVA(Dimensions: A=79” B=41.25” C=86”).

Click Image to Enlarge
Photo showing the interior of the enclosure

Model 62.5IND5060QV
Sound level: 75dBa @ 3 ft.

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