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Problem:Transocean cable repair ship requires 50 Hz
Solution:Model 200IND6050 in modified shipping container

Our Model 200IND6050QM is designed for converting shore power(60hz. in this case, could be 50hz.) to ships 50hz.(could be 60hz.) "hotel power", i.e., air conditioning, lighting, pumps etc. that are normally needed when the ship is in port to support personnel on board without running the main engines while at the dock.

The unit is housed in a 10' long X 8' wide X 90" high modified half of an international standard 20' shipping container. The ventilated container is equipped with splash proof, weather tight doors, interior lighting and fork lift slots. The unit pictured above is rated at 200KVA (and the same container 10' long can be used up to 313KVA) but this type of container can be used for units up to 1000KVA and perhaps higher in longer configurations.

The unit has anti-condensation heating coils in the windings of both the motor and generator and is designed for both onshore (land end of pier, no wave action) or on board (splash but no wave action) use. The unit shown above is installed on board on-deck a transocean cable repair ship but is actually used when the ship is docked at any 60hz. port(that is No. and So. America). While on board, the coil heaters are kept separately powered by 50hz. source to prevent condensation (not needed in a 60hz. shore installation, it is automatic). The louvered air intake (located in the bottom half of one side of the doors) is equipped with a splash guard duct type riser and the 24" motor-driven fan louvered air outlet is located on the end opposite the doors. This design provides complete protection from high wind driven splash but not inundating wave protection (the air intake duct only rises 3', see photo back of door).

The units operating noise is reduced with a specially designed sound attenuating partial foam interior lining which reduces the audible noise level to 74dBa@ 3 ft.(except right up in the air exhaust stream which is @80dBa unless you add an upward/ downward foam lined maze to the air outlet). This satisfies the environmental concerns of port authorities. A home dishwasher runs at about 75dBa.@3ft.

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