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Industry: Aerospace equipment manufacturer
Problem: FAA Testing of aircraft galley appliances
Solution: Model 12.5SYN60400

This unit consists of a synchronous and a synchronous generator built on a single vertical shaft mounted on a welded steel base alongside the control panel. We can build this type of vertical shaft construction up to 375 KVA in either 50 Hz to 400 Hz or 60 Hz to 400 Hz versions at any voltage. This vertical shaft minimizes the footprint. If exposure of the operator to the operating noise is a problem, there are three approaches:

  1. Locate the unit as pictured above in a room with other noisy equipment such as a compressor, and wire the power out to the test site. Remember to provide the test site with power on indication and an emergency disconnect.
  2. Have us ship the control panel separate for remote wall mounting (or free standing) at the test site. This gives the operator no exposure to the noise of the rotary equipment but full control. The unit can be mounted in a remote equipment room, or supplied in an outdoor enclosure for pad mounting.
  3. Order the unit with an indoor sound attenuating enclosure.

Units of this type are often ordered for ground support power, i.e. to provide 400 Hz power when the aircraft is on the ground with the engines off. To prevent accidental attempts to parallel the on board generator with the ground power unit, the plane is equipped with a 28 VDC relay that automatically locks out the onboard generator when ground power is being supplied. To operate this relay, we build units with 28 VDC auxiliary power that is automatically present whenever the 400 Hz is available.
Another application is to power radar units at 120 VAC delta, 400 Hz.

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Photo showing unit.
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All of our vertical 400 Hz units from 12.5KVA to 75KVA are built in the same frame size, varying only in height and weight. Below are a few typical sizes:

Model: 12.5SYN60400 (12.5KVA)
(Same Dimensions up to 40 KVA)
Weight: 985 lbs.
Sound Level: 90 dBa @ 3 ft.
40KVA: 1550 lbs.
40KVA: 92 dBa @ 3 ft.

Model: 50SYN60400 (50KVA)
Weight: 1800 lbs.
Sound Level: 92 dBa @ 3 ft.

Model: 75SYN60400 (75KVA)
Weight: 3000 lbs.
Sound Level: 93 dBa @ 3 ft.
For other sizes consult the factory.

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